July 7, 2011

5 Reason WHY You Should Start a Food Journal

Using a journal is a great way to relieve stress and express yourself, but many do not know that using a journal to write down what you eat can help you lose weight faster and more effectively.  I have used a food journal for most of my adult life and many of my teenage years.  Previously I was on Weight Watchers and wrote out each item I consumed every day.  Now, I prefer and love My Fitness Pal. You can actually download the app on your phone- iPhone, Blackberry, or Android or use the website.  I describe the website as a community of people with a common goal of weight loss. 
Below is a list of 5 reasons why you should have a food journal (thanks to goodhousekeeping.com):

1.  You will get a reality check about how many calories you consume.
Americans typically underestimate their calorie intake by 25%, but when eating out it is even higher. When eating out we usually underestimate by 38%. WOWZERS!!
2.  You will cut back on between meal munching.
"It’s easy to overlook bites, licks, and tastes (known as “BLTs" to professionals). But that’s a huge mistake — there are 25 calories, on average, in each mouthful. Translation: Six little bites a day add up to around 15 extra pounds a year."
3.  You will discover where your diet detours.
When you start writing everything down you start to see what you are actually eating and that will help you to notice bad food choices. Once you know what you are eating you can make better decisions and stay on track.  If you are not sure what you should be eating please comment and I will send you information and links to websites about healthy food.
4.  You will learn why you pig out.
Now, I have not done this part yet, but I am starting.  Experts say that when you log your food you should also log the circumstances and situations you were in when you ate.  This will inturn reveal to you what is causing your overeating and avoid those situations in the future.
5.  You will see results -- QUICKLY!
THIS IS THE BEST PART.  Who doesn't want to lose weight quickly?  Isn't that what we all want?  By writing everything down and then seeing weight drop off because of what you are eating you will see what works.  In my personal opinion writing everything you eat down just makes you more accountable for what you consume and therefore makes you realize and able to change.

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